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 Message from Bob to the KAA

Hello to all my KISS brothers and sisters down under in the KISS Army Australia!  I am honored that you’ve given me this opportunity to talk with you and answer your questions!  You’ve got a wonderful website/community here, and I’m proud to become a part of it!  I’ve always said, KISS fans are like family!  Doesn’t matter where we’re from, how old we are, etc… we all share a common bond!  There is not another band that has this kind of devotion, and rightfully so! 

I’d like to thank George for contacting me and making this happen, and to again thank all of you for your GREAT questions!  I hope that next time there’s a KISS convention in your area you’ll invite me, because I’d love nothing more than to meet each and every one of you!  I’ll even bring my Ax and we can have a KISS unplugged sing-along…starting with SHANDI!  J 

Please remember to visit my website for information on Friends With Painted Faces, this first ever Fan-based KISS Tribute Song, and all my other crazy schemes!

I could really use your help & support.  As a matter of fact, if you guys would like to write me (through George) a testimonial or nice note or something, I’ll post it on my official website and on my Myspace page!  Thanks so much, and always remember…


Bob Brunson
Gene Simmons Family Jewels – Season #1


Bob answer questions from members of the KAA

Question from Mel in Melbourne : (nineteeneighty)

Hi Bob,
The episode was brilliant, but the final cut reflected times where Gene was clearly compassionate to you and other times where he was 'doing his duty' What's you're interpretation of the 'behind the scenes' man that is 'Gene - the real deal' I wonder whether people often mistake Gene's priorities (money money money) - is it Gene that's put this as his number one objective, or the fans? We all love money, it's a required necessary evil that provides opportunities (and basic living!) but I think we see an exaggerated version created mostly by the fans who in many ways shape Gene's public persona......what about the fans who deal bootleg in exchange for cash! these are (I'm sure) the same people who comment on Gene being 'greedy' Gene's business principals are honest and law abiding - he's worked hard, why shouldn't he reap the rewards now and seize all potentially rewarding opportunities (his ultimate aim is most probably to secure his families financial future, and keep Kiss is the spotlight where they very much should remain) I say he's done a awesome job - do you know anybody who hasn't heard of Kiss - bet you don't - everybody's heard of Kiss - not all have heard the music - but through the merchandise and marketing of Kiss Catalog. Ltd - the name KISS is a worldwide phenomenon. So Bob, you've spent probably longer with Gene than any Australian Fans so tell us your interpretation of the real man.

Answer: Hi Mel. What a great question...lots of good insight. And glad you enjoyed the episode, thank you! I've gotta say, my interpretation of the man is right in-sync with yours. I have never considered people greedy just because they seek to better themselves and their lives. Although, I don't agree with your comment that money is evil. As a matter of fact, that's one of my favourites Gene quotes where his says "its not money that is root of evil, but LACK of money." LOL If you think about it, it makes sense. Nor do I believe greed is necessarily a bad thing, as long as it is tempered with love and good sense. One of my favourite movies is Wall Street, and I love Michael Douglass/Gordon Gecko's speech..."Greed, for lack of a better word is good. Greed for love, greed for knowledge, etc...." I couldn't agree more. But in terms of Gene the real man, he has a tremendous work-ethic, and is completely dedicated to his family. He is real, and holds no pretence or false airs. What you see is what you get. NOW, that being said, there are certainly areas where he could use a little polishing up. His personality and overall demeanour are a little rough around the edges, although I defy you to find a celebrity that isn't that way. I myself have been in Marketing & Media for over 20 years now, although more on the corporate side, and know for a fact in business, you gather more flies with honey than vinegar, so I truly think a little work in the 'warm and fuzzy' department wouldn't hurt, but you know him...he is unapologetic about his who he is and how he acts. And that's fine. He's obviously doing something right!

Question from Linda in NSW Central Coast ( kissalways )
What was the best and worst part?

Answer : Thanks for your question Linda.
The best part - spending the day with Gene Simmons.
The worst part - spending the day with Gene Simmons.
In all seriousness...The best part - two things.
First, jamming with Gene on old KISS songs in front of 100 people at Guitar Center on Sunset Strip/Hollywood, and then having him play along to one of my tunes.

Second, seeing Gene with my folks, wife and kids. Here's someone who daddy's been raving about and watching on TV for nearly 3 decades, now all of a sudden he's standing in our living room, holding my 4 year old daughter!! Very surreal and still hard to believe! :

The worst part - 3 things. (not counting my goofy comment about KISS toilet paper!) LOL

First - Having to wait outside his front door for almost for 45 minutes for a ride home after taping stopped, without being able to talk more freely with him.

Second - Coming off as kind of a geek on national TV. I really don't have all that stuff on display at my house, and I don't usually go around in KISS T-shirts. Believe it or not I'm in a suit Monday-Friday at my job.

Third - Having it all end.

And I do want to say one thing...while I may gripe about this or that little detail, the big picture is I got to spend the day with Gene 'f'ing' Simmons! I know thousands of people would have killed for this opportunity, so I am truly am grateful!

Question from Kevin in Perth (dragonboots)
Did you feel differently about your day with Gene as expressed on his door step once the editing was done and you watched the episode yourself?

Answer: Great question Kevin. I'm gonna be honest and say yes I did. And it's funny too, because I didn't think anything about it after the taping was completed. But when I saw the episode back, and starting reading all the buzz it was getting online, it really made me see things in a different light. (especially Shannon's stupid comment about 'did I take my shoes off?)' It's interesting, because evidently a LOT of people were upset with how I was treated. I actually got a call from his webmaster at one point telling me they were being bombarded with emails from upset fans. So I did Gene a favor and wrote him a note to post on the site, asking people not to send emails because it really wasn't that bad. Probably the thing that bothered me the most was, after that scene was filmed on his front porch, and the cameras were turned off, I was just left there, alone. It must have been 40 degrees (cold for LA), and it was nearly 45 minutes before I was able to get a ride home. Now, I will say, the good folks with the production company were VERY nice, and some poor gal volunteered to drive me all the way home to OC without a complaint. (over an hour drive) She was very sweet! Can't remember her name, but if she's reading this...THANK YOU!

Question from Michael in Sydney (mrstarchild)
Who won the mini golf game ???.

Answer: HA! Great question Michael, thanks. You know, it's interesting. We didn't actually play a full round. We only played like 3 or 4 holes...just so the cameras could get enough footage to use. I gotta say though, Gene was pretty darn good. But you know what; I'd have taken him in the long run!! LOL!

Question from Lina in Sydney (googet)
Hi Bob,
Was the Gene we saw on camera the same to you when the camera stopped rolling?

Answer: Hi Lina! The answer is, for the most part, yes. Gene was Gene, whether the cameras were rolling or not. Was he a warm, fuzzy, talkative kind of guy? Not necessarily, but that's ok. He was never rude, mean or anything even close. On the contrary, what I found really cool was that he never turned down an autograph or picture request, all day long. Even when the production crew was barking about being behind schedule and urging him to 'hurry it up', he took his time and graciously posed for every picture, and signed anything that was put in front of him, everywhere we went.

Now, there was one very funny thing that happened off-camera that was SO Hollywood. As we sat down to eat at the snack bar in that golf place, Gene had the producers bring in a salad. He is VERY health conscious and picky about what he eats, which, good for him, and as you could imagine, most of the stuff there was nasty! SO, after driving around to several places they brought salads for us, but as it turned out, they got Gene the wrong kind. Well, you should have heard him...he was SO mad! It was very uncomfortable for me...but at the same time, kind of funny also! As he was barking loudly at the crew, I just wanted to slide under the table and disappear! As I said, VERY Hollywood Celeb moment!

Question from Adam in Dubbo Rural NSW (fracturedsounds)
In the episode you played Gene a song you had written for him and he said to you that he would listen to any demo's you sent him... Have you sent him your demo's and, if so, what did he think of them...?

Answer: Thanks for the question Adam. The song you heard me play on the show was not actually written for Gene...its a number I'd been working on for quite some time before the show called 'I Miss The Music'. I wrote it to express how I felt/feel about the current state of rock & roll. I am a HUGE fan of 70's/80's music, when artists looked like stars, and going to a show meant being entertained and having fun! I basically feel like nothing decent has come out in the last 15 years or so. Nowadays when you turn on VH1 all you see are wimpy guys playing a piano on the beach, whining about a broken heart or the state of the world. (no offense if that's your thing-lol) I for one believe rock and roll should CELEBRATE life, not ponder it! Give me big melodies, catchy choruses, ripping solo's and tunes that make you feel good and sing along! Hence my chorus...

"I miss the music, I miss the songs...
I miss turning up the radio to sing along...
I miss the feeling, I used to get...
When a loud guitar would touch my heart, in a way I won't forget,
I miss the music."

SO to your question, no, I have not presented him with a demo yet.

Reason being, since the show my focus changed to my "Friends With Painted Faces" song, which I WILL be sending him a demo of soon! You heard me mention the idea to him on the show right? Well, he didn't bite, but you know what, I did it anyway! Because I believe, as Gene does, that when you have a dream you should chase it, no matter what other people say! So I invited KISS fans everywhere to write me and tell me why the loved the band, and got a tremendous response, with some wonderful stories! I then took this inspiration and wrote a KILLER tribute song, which I'm getting ready to demo and hang out on the web! Ron Nevison (Kiss, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin) is more than likely producing this, so I'm really excited! I can't wait for you guys, and the world, to hear it!

You can visit my website for updates at

Question from John in Sydney (KissMyMailorder)
In the episode Sophie was going to play some of her music for you. Did you end up hearing her sing and was it good? cheers JOHN S

Answer: Hi John. Unfortunately no. She did hum a little bit of one of her songs as we were sitting around the table, so I could tell she's got a beautiful voice. I'm sure if she decides to go that route, with her dad's help she'll have a bright future.

And I do want to make a quick comment about Sophie and Nick. They were both wonderful kids. You could imagine how uncomfortable I was in that huge house, sitting around that big table with Gene next to me, and 3 cameras on us. But both kids went out of their way to make me feel at ease...talking to me, asking questions, etc... they were both great. Thanks Nick & Sophie! (just don't make fun of our age anymore Mr Nick!)

Question from Cathy in Melbourne
Hello Bob,
Do you think Gene enjoyed the day spent with you, or do you feel he did it out of pure duty and for publicity. Also curious why you didn't spend the day just following Gene around to get more of an incite into his day. I think it would be interesting to spend one day in his life.

Answer: Hi Cathy, thanks for your great question. To be completely honest, I think it was probably a 90/10 split, in favor of it being great TV. That's not to say he didn't have a good time doing all that stuff...he even said as much on his website. But in the TV game, we all know the ultimate goal is ratings. So anything you see is done with that in mind!

In terms of doing the things we did versus spending a day in his normal life, that's actually something the production company came up with. Here's how it worked. When I won the contest, I was asked to come up with a list of activities I'd like to do with Gene. They told me basically the sky was the limit, and that I should dream BIG and list anything and everything that came to mind. SO as you could imagine, I had some pretty lofty ideas on there, up to and including an impromptu jam session with KISS at Dodger's Stadium, a tour of his record label and even a demo recording session. However, due to time constraints, budget issues and timetables, most of my stuff just wasn't feasible, so the Producers did a great job of coming up with the alternate activities you saw. I had little or no say in the final outcome of what we did.

Question from Michelle in New Zealand (StarChildsLoverNZ)
Hey Bob would Gene ever consider coming out to New Zealand again. I would sure like to meet him

Answer: Hi there Michelle. You know, I'm not really sure. You should email him via his website and ask...I know he reads all his own mail! But I'll tell you what, next time there's a convention or something down there let ME know, 'cause I'd LOVE to visit and meet you guys!

Question from Troy in Adelaide
Hi Bob, have you heard from Gene since the show?
Answer: Thanks for your question Troy. Unfortunately I haven't. I do communicate every so often with several people in his camp... like his personal assistant and his webmaster. They're both very nice and gracious people. However, now that "Friends With Painted Faces" is ready to demo, I'll be establishing contact with him in the near future to see what I can do about making it 'official'.

Stay tuned, and be sure to visit my website for updates on this! (

Question from roadrat15 from Rockhampton , Queensland
My question to Bob is this: Were you ever put down or abused by people who couldn't understand your Kiss fixation?

Answer : Hi Roadrat. The answer is YES! Almost every damn day. I wish I had a dollar every time I heard 'KISS SUCKS'! I grew up in a very conservative town outside of Kansas City, and at the time, artists like Duran Duran, Madonna and Prince were all the rage. So as you could imagine, I caught an awful lot of heat for being a KISS Fanatic, especially from all the Country music people! But, it was ok...because at the end of the day, I could go in my room, close the door, and crank up just the right KISS song to get my spirits back up. (usually Shout It Out Loud, Lick it Up Flaming Youth, I, War Machine, and a hundred others)

But you know what? They were the short-sighted ones. Here we are, almost 30 years later, and where are those groups? Playing county fairs and bars...and KISS is still selling out arenas. So guess who got the last laugh?

Bottom line...NEVER let it bother you when people mock you for what you, clothes, cars, nothing! Music is a personal choice, and what appeals to one person may not appeal to someone else. Just like paintings, or fine food/wine. If we all liked the same thing, this world would be a boring place! I'm sorry it took me nearly 30 years to learn that.

So next time someone gives you grief about being a KISS fan, or for ANYTHING, you tell them Bob in America said to "KISS OFF, grow up, and get a life!"

Question from GeorgeXiro Sydney
Hi Bob, did Gene really just walk off at the end, or did he come back after the cameras stopped and say goodbye like i would of expected him to do ?

Answer: Great question George. I wish I could say otherwise, but when the door closed and the cameras stopped rolling, I never saw him again. And it's unfortunate too because I ended up waiting on that stoop for over 30 minutes (in the cold) for a ride back home.

BUT, as I said with Linda's question above, I got to spend a day with the God of Thunder, ending with a great dinner at his Beverly Hills Mansion with his kids and Ms. Shannon Tweed. And you know what... IT DID NOT SUCK!

THE END!... or is it?





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