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Bruce Kulick Q&A with KAA fans


The KISS ARMY AUSTRALIA is proud to present a Q&A by the fans, for the fans with the legendary Bruce Kulick who will soon be back in Australia for a tour in December 2009!

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Question from Shockme in Northern Territory of Australia : I would love a run down on his current rig. Guitars, amp, settings, pickups - everything!!!!! He has great tone.

ALL this info is up on my newly redesigned website! There is a section called equipment. Check this link out.


Question from Sam in Brisbane: Howdy Bruce! Firstly, thanks for coming back down under! I'd love to know what the Aussie fans can expect for your upcoming tour. Can you give us any setlist details or are you keeping all the surprises under your hat (beanie)? Can't wait for BK3!

We are looking at few different songs, and of course the focus will be much more MY era, compared to only vintage KISS songs... so I hope to make the set list VERY cool for these dates.


Question from Amy in Tasmania : How do you spend your weekends when you're not working?

Movies (sometimes at home is best!) Dinner with friends. I love music shops etc, but I really try to stay home when I am in town. I work so much on weekends to travel, it is really is nice being at home and not really do too much!


Question from Linda from Central Coast Of New South Wales : When did you first get into The Beatles? and What is your favourite Beatles song?

I did see them on Ed Sullivan's show like millions around the world. I was bitten by the Beatle bug right away! I would have to say "I Am The Walrus". When Lennon died, I was WTF? This guy wrote and performed on so many amazing songs... I like all the eras of the Beatles btw, and to ask for one song is cruel to answer.


Question from Razor in Brisbane I have a couple of questions.
1. Which kiss songs do you despise or hate ? (no pun intended)

I never liked CADILLAC DREAMS ... I told Gene once...

2. What kiss song is your favourite ?

I really love so many of them.. from FOREVER, to UNHOLY, to DETROIT ROCK CITY...

3. What kiss album do you despise or hate? (again no pun intended)

Wasn't a fan of HITS. Don't hate it, just a strange time for me.

4. What is your favourite kiss LP of all time?

I prefer REVENGE. Destroyer would be the make up fave for me.


Question from Keith Tarrier in Japan: Bruce, You had a signature model before with ESP. Would you consider doing another one, perhaps with someone like Boogie Street Guitars?

I like customizing some from now or then, but not really that keen on another signature model. The one ESP did for me has become quite rare now.


Question from Lina in Sydney : Hi Bruce, how is Joe?????

Joe is 14 years old, and amazingly healthy... although he just woke me up for a 2am walk, and Daddy don't love that. But he is SO special to me.


Question from Troy in Adelaide Hi Bruce, I can't wait to hear Nick Simmons sing on BK3. Who's idea was it having Nick sing on BK3 & do you have to pay royalties to him ?I look forward to finally meeting you in Adelaide & thanks for coming to OZ as often as you do.

I was going to ask Gene, but Gene came right out and asked me if I would approach Nick to see if any of the music I had would work for him to write to. He found a song really quickly. As a writer he can earn money but not royalties. See you soon!


Question from MattyB in Sydney I have a 2 part question.... What KISS song do you believe from your experience in playing live with the band is the 1 song that the crowd really reacts too? By this I mean a favorite worldwide that when you are onstage and begin the song it gets the best reaction?

Well, I am never surprised how much fun Rock N Roll All Night is to crowds anywhere in the world. Really great song as you know!

Second part is what KISS song do you believe is the best musically, lyrically and gives you a buzz playing?

I always thought that God Gave Rock N Roll To You II had some very cool moments both musically and lyrically. Proud to have been a part of that tune.


Question from Singalong in Melbourne : To us, you play guitar so effortlessly. Magical and seemless. Do you find guitar playing at times a challenge?

That is, are there any styles, riffs by other greats or pieces of play that you would like to master? Of course it can be a challenge, and thank you for your kind words! I wish I could play jazz sometimes. And of course I fantasize of learning every Jimmy Page riff sometimes! Or Jimi Hendrix riff etc etc.


Question from Josephine in Perth : I would like to know what happened to the book Bruce was writing? Is it still happening and is it true that Gene asked him not to write it.

No one asked me NOT to write it. People in the biz were looking for a "DIRT" style book, and I would not do that. I really don't have anything that scandalous to discuss anyway! I prefer working on my music and in time, something might be finished to publish.


Questions from Gaz White in Melbourne How did Paul & Gene break the news of the reunion to Bruce and Eric after MTV unplugged and what was Bruces initial reaction?

We had a meeting in Gene's guest house... I was kind of ... I knew it! Eric was a bit NO WAY.

In Retrospect, What does Bruce think to the carnival of souls album?

I think it was a dark CD for KISS but very strong... I just wish for a remix! Has there ever been any talk of bringing Bruce back to guest on any KISS recordings and/or shows? Not that I know of... they are in make-up and that would look a bit strange.


Question from Karl in United Kingdom: First question would have to be; Do you mind us talking about your Kiss years, or would you rather talk about your upcoming CD & tour?

No matter to me!

If I were Bruce, I would be a bit pissed, touring for a new cd, and everyone asking about his days from before he left the band 13 years ago.

But the truth is, if I was never in KISS in those days, you wouldn't know me as well would you? Those 12 years I am very proud of, and even though all the things I have accomplished since KISS I am extremely proud of, the years in KISS made a huge mark on many fans around the world. You can't imagine the thrill for me to meet someone from Norway, or Argentina, or anywhere for that matter, who saw KISS for the first time, with me as the lead guitarist and that the impression I made on them, keeps them a fan for life. Very cool indeed!

See you all at my shows in Australia in December!

Bruce Kulick

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